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'The Price' Reviews are in!

An extraordinary week, topped off by great reviews and a huge feeling of accomplishment that we were able to bring this project into port, with its dramatic power intact.

It was a tough experience, not because of the cast, they were great, but because of the complexity of the text. It was hard for us to illuminate Miller’s words through incisive speech and behavior in such a brief time (3 weeks), but this group of professionals was up to the task. That final face-off between the two main characters was like the classic film battle between Mothra and Godzilla, and it needed a rise and fall of tension, unexpected revelation, and nuanced sense of their relationship as brothers that penetrated their innermost souls. Exhausting, but exhilarating.

And the reviews are in!

“A SUBLIME production that stirs its audience’s thoughts and feelings... FOUR STARS…The superb quartet of actors draws us into the story and keeps us wondering, guessing, hoping for the best for them, pondering how we might have done differently. The four carry a load of dialogue, but not a word is lost to inarticulateness, not a thought has gone unplumbed by Davis and his cast . . . . . . . science and art meet for an ideal time at the theater.”

— Dany Margolies, Long Beach Press-Telegram, OC Register

Under John Henry Davis’s incisive direction, Nevell and Foxworth leave indelible impressions in a pair of performances . . . rich, heartfelt, and heartbreaking . . .

— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

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