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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

By, John Henry Davis

My brilliant illustrator, Carl Young, and I have been working on my novel GOG AND ME for the last year, turning it into a graphic novel.

I want to share some recent insights and burst of creativity from my collaborator.

The novel is about Claire, a 12 year-old-girl who is captured by an alien for strange interrogations, but when they both escape during a fire, they form a bond that can’t be broken. They swim underwater fly over cliffs as they elude the authorities. Although Gog is never captured, eventually Claire negotiates a truce between the aliens and the humans.

Here is a Panel from the work, where 12-year-old Claire is riding her bike down to town where the spaceship landed:

​Carl and I have been talking recently about the shape of Gog and like all creative processes, that concept of his shape is changing. For some reason, I don’t know why, at first I thought Gog should be basically rectangular, like this (Carl calls this the “mug shot”):

But lately I’ve been having second thoughts. Really questioning my sanity, like perhaps I should be checked into a mental institution (if such things existed anymore). Over the past months I’ve been thinking this is really not a good idea.

So recently Carl and I had one of our many lunches, where we chewed over a lox sandwich and all things GOG.

Carl began to sketch, and the result was this:

SO NOW, the alien Gog is evolving to have a resting shape with wings/fins, a much better idea. Carl came up with this as a new version:

Carl is still tinkering, but this is basically the new, improved Gog, and we have some novel ideas about what he’ll be able to do in this shape. You’ll see these concepts in a future GOG BLOG!

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