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The first book of a three part series for young adults. 


By John Henry Davis

Fifty years in the future. Teenagers are out of control, throwing bombs and causing mayhem. Solution? Go into kids’ minds and cut out all violent feelings. Sounds like a great plan.

Except it isn't. 


Jen is a lonely fourteen-year-old empath who only has her younger brother and a group of young rebels with psi powers to battle the powers-that-be. When she discovers her mother has been taken away to New York City for brain experiments for “the program,” she embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue her. 

Jen also has a guilty secret. Years ago she carelessly damaged her brother’s mind with her own mental powers, and now her fierce desire to protect him is the guiding force of her life, cutting off all intimacy with anyone outside her family. But during this mission she has to learn how to trust her peers, leading the eMs to invade the center. After that, she must face an even greater threat: a boy who is in love with her.


The first two chapters:




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